2019-05-15 Head of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, Science and research branch, Islamic Azad University

2015- Present President of the Organizing Committee of service prices in the Laboratory and workshop network of Islamic Azad University

2015- Present President of the Education Committee of Vision and elite Expediency Council

2015- Present Head Professional of department of plasma-biology

2015- Present Secretary of the Special Committee on Stem Cell Technology Development

2015- Present Staff member of international congress of Hafez of Islamic Azad University

2015    - Present    Head of selection panel of the third scholars festival in laboratory
and workshop filed        
2015    - Present    Policy council director of Development in Laboratory Network
2014    – Present    Director-General for the Development of Laboratory Networks in
        Islamic Azad University
2014    – Present    Head of Islamic Azad University’s technical committee for
        issuance of technical justification for purchasing laboratorial
2014    – Present    Member of Decision making council in 69th  and 70thCentral
        Council Session of Islamic Azad University
2012    – 2014    Chancellor, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen Branch
2009    – 2012    Head, Research and Technology Committee of Islamic Azad
        University, Region 10
2011 – 2012    Member, Strategic Council of the Centre for Advanced Science
        and Technology (CAST), Golestan and Semnan Provinces
2007    – 2012    Chancellor, Islamic Azad University, Aliabad Katoul Branch
2005    – 2007    Educational Affairs Vice-chancellor at Islamic Azad University,
        Garmsar Branch
2000-2002    Head of Department of Plant Sciences in the Islamic Azad
        University, Garmsar Branch
2005        Editor-in-chief,ScientificJournal of Biology – Plant and
        Biotechnology at Islamic AzadUniversity, Garmsar Branch
2005 – Present    Member of Editorial Board, Scientific Journal of Biology atIslamic    
                Azad  University-  Garmsar  Branch,  Gorgan  Branch,  and    
                TehranNorth Branch    
1998 - 2004        Member, Research Committee of the University of Garmsar    
2003-2004        Member, Educational Committee at Islamic Azad University,    
                Garmsar Branch    
2002        Head, Expert Committee of Plant Biotechnology Section in the    
                National Congress of Stable Agriculture and Development, Islamic    
                Azad University, Garmsar Branch, Iran.    
2002        Head, Meeting of “Challenge of Agricultural Extension” at Islamic    
                Azad University, Garmsar Branch, Iran.    
2001        Chairman, Academic Committee in the Congress of "Garmsar and    
                Stable Development", Islamic Azad University, Garmsar Branch,    
2001        Head, Agricultural and Animal Breeding Scientific Committee of    
                the Congress of "Garmsar and Sustained Development", Islamic    
                Azad University, Garmsar Branch, Iran.