Professor Alireza Iranbakhsh was born in Tehran on December 1, 1968. He has completed his academic studies at Kharazmi university and Science and Research university in Tehran. He has PhD in the cellular and molecular biology. His main interest is in plant sciences, especially plant cell and development. He is a head of biology department in science and research university with academic degree of a full professor. Professor Alireza Iranbakhsh has authored over 220 scientific articles in national and international valuable professional journals. Moreover, he has authored or translated more than 17 scientific books in plant science and evolution. He has also documented 13 national patents. Dr. Alireza Iranbakhsh is also the Editor in chief and member of editorial board in several academic national and international journals. He is president of the Iranian society for Plant Cell and Tissue Culture, a member of the Board of Directors of the Iranian Biological Association, as well as a member of several other professional national and international scientific societies. He also has valuable management activities at the university. He is one of the most experienced directors of the college. He has won numerous awards as a top professor, researcher and book author. Professor Alireza Iranbakhsh's other honors include the award of the university's top empowered director.